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Work Permit

A work permit is one of the basis documents which foreigner should have if he wants to  work in Poland. The employer is an applicant for work permit directly (foreign or polish). The employer can be a company with legal personality or an individual person. We can help you quickly and easily through all of formalities connected with obtaining work permit  and it does not  matter what form of employment you will choose.  Because of our experience you will avoid traps in the law and stress during expectation for a Voivode  decision.   Our employers are  in the Office every day, they submit applications and they take applications for our clients  and that is why your application is  under control constantly. You can find a few information about work  permit type “A” below. It is the most popular type of work permit for sure.

  • Do you know that application for work permit must be submit by an employer or by person authorized by him?
  • Do you know that you cannot employ a foreigner who does not have a valid work permit issued for your company?
  • Do you know that all information in application is very important because there is a possibility of  official control in the future?
  • Do you know that you can extend the validity o work permit for  2 years if you will submit an application at least for 30 days before the expiration of work permit?
  • Do you know that in case of changing employment conditions you should have to inform  the Office immediately?

A work permit for a foreigner which appears most of the time concernes cases where the foreigner performs work in Poland and is employed by an employer based in Poland (Type A). Here is some additional information.

Important information:

  • Type A work permission is issued for foreigners, who conduct work on the territory of Poland, on the basis of the contract with an employer who has headquarters on the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  • Submitting the application requires the copies of employee’s and employer’s documents (in certain voivodeships the original documents are required).
  • Submitting the application requires original authorizations and signed statements of the employer, which will be delivered to you by our firm of a “ready to sign” form.
  • Documents signed directly by the employer must be signed in accordance with the representation form of the company which is verified in accordance with current KRS (National Judicial Registry) or other document confirming the legal status and the type of conducted activities.
  • Majority of the documents can be signed on the basis of authorizations, but for you information we always send the complete set of documents that are submitted.
  • The Office responsible for the issuing decisions about work permissions for foreigners is the Voivodeship Office proper for the address of the employer’s headquarters or his/her registered residence.

Work permit for a foreigner is issued for:
a) a specified foreigner
b) a specified employer
c) for a specified post, type, place and time of conducted work
d) with a specified salary
e) for a definite period of time

In case of changes of any employment conditions and also in case of ceasing work by a foreigner or Not undertaking it at all, necessary documents must be immediately submitted aqt a proper Authorities’ Office. Canceling work permissions and informing about changes of employment conditions is done free of charge, as part of cooperation with our firm, after prior informing us about the needed of making changes in the permission or returning the permission to the Authorities.
The employer is obligated to send the foreigner one copy of the permission and, in a written contract, to specify the terms of employment, including the salary, the cannot be below the one specified in the permission.

Obtaining the permission is a two stage process:
1) Conducting the employment market test and obtaining an opinion from the District Labor Office about the possibility of satisfying the staff needs in the range of the submitted employment offer (from 7 to 14 days after submitting the offer)
2) Obtaining the work permit (3-4 weeks from the day of submitting the application)

In certain cases there is a possibility of obtaining the work permission without the need to conduct the employment market test.