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Registration of Residence for EU citizens

If you are a citizen of the European Union you also need documents in Poland. We help in obtaining 5 years registrated residence and 10 years confirmation permanent residence. We also help in obtaining a residence card of a family member of an EU citizen.

Important information:

  • Registration of EU citizen’s residence must be made within 3 months from the date of entry into the Polish territory. Failure to register residence is punishable with a fine. If you enter start employment you must be registered immediately after arrival in Poland.
  • Residence cards issued untill 2006 remain valid. When they expire they must be replaced by registering your stay.
  • When submitting the documents to the Authorities’ Office, one must have the “originals available for inspection”.
  • When submitting documents to the Authorities’ Office the foreigner must be present in peron (but not upon collection), therefore we ask the foreigner be available for 2-3h on the date of submitting the deocuments. Our company provides assistance in the Authorities’ Office during the application.
  • Certificate of registered residence of a EU citizens is collecten on the basis of an authorization, the presence of the foreigner is not necessary.
  • When applying for permanent residence confirmation is necessary to document the 10-year stay in Poland
  • Most of the documents can be signed on the basis of authorizations, but for your information we always send a set of documents we submitt.
  • Members of a familly who are not EU citizens can apply for a residence card of EU citizen family member. The procedure is less difficult if the application is submitted at the same time as the application of the EU citizen
  • On the basis of registered residence or confirmation of permanent residence, it is possible to obtain registration for a period exceeding three months and to gain a social security number