Katika - Expat Assistance

Other services

We can help with many another formalities connected with obtaining documents in Poland. Our help it is not only an assistance in administrative cases but a consultancy in another services which foreigner  may need in Poland, as well.

For typical services in which we can help are included:
– A help  in obtaining documents, certificates from  the Inland Revenue and form  the Social Insurance (ZUS)
– A help with updating companies documents  and for individual persons  with their own business on the basis of registration
– A help with updating documents for a foreign companies representations
– A help with civil acts location
– A help with temporary registration in Poland
– A help with obtaining no criminal record certificate
– A help with documents translation for polish or another languages
– A help with appellation from the Voivode decision to the Chief of Foreigners Office
– A help with re-registration a foreign vehicle to polish plates
– A help with renewal  of vehicle registration documents
– A help with obtaining PESEL number
– and much more

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