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FAST ASSISTANCE is an offer for people who are able to lead their case in the Office by yourselves but they need only a support to prepare documentation (applications, attachments) which they need to set up a procedure. Foreigners or employers need sometimes only a few tips to submit an application and after that they are able to lead their case yourselves. This kind of help is for these people.

FAST ASSISTANCE is an offer only at the beginning of the case and that is why we are not responsible for the result in the further part of the proceeding. We do not have access to your case in the Office (we are not attorneys in your case) and we do not have an influence for the proceeding. That is why we recommend this kind of cooperation only for person who have an experience in obtaining documents in Poland or for person whose case is so simply that they do not need any additional explanation.
Each time, before taking a commission we try to explain how the proceeding may look like but it is your decision what kind of  cooperation you will chose.