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A review of news from the Internet (October 2011)

[posted: 02.11.2011]

Presented below is an extract of information from selected websites. We encourage you to read the full texts of articles on the their authors’ websites. The original articles are written in Polish. The translation for the articles was done as part of Katika Expat Assistance activities.

GazetaPrawna.pl www.gazetaprawna.pl

Many times foreigners do not have a help from a translator during their examination (4 October 2011)
“Examinations of a few foreigners in the same room, during their examination foreigners do not have a help from a translator, there are situation connected with a violation of privacy rights – there are problems of our administration connected with foreigners.”
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Chinese, Indians, French, Swedes – all of them like to earn the money in Poland – the country on Vistula River (13 October 2011)
“Most of foreigner investors like Poland. Despite of the global slowdown, they invest here more and more capital. They want to set up new businesses in a special economic zones or to take a part in polish companies.”
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It is not necessary to have a contract of employment for the staying legalization (17 October 2011)
“A foreigner do not have to be hire, if he wants to exercise the right of an abolition. It is enough if he stays on the territory of Poland during suitable period of time. It is a speech with Rafał Rogala – the director of Office for foreigners in Warsaw.”
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The company will pay a punishment for an employee without the visa (24 October 2011)
“The court might to deprive of liberty for 3 years a person who hire a under-age foreigner illegally. The government wants to punish all of employers who hire foreigners from non EU’s country without a residence card. New developments include a draft law on the effects of delegating work to foreigners residing on the territory in violation in Poland. As now the project is on a public consultancy. The project is adapting polish law to the rules called Fattini directive. The project is delayed because it should have been trained until the 20th of July 2011.”
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EU: There is an agreement on free-visa border travel with Kaliningrad (26 October 2011)
“Ambassadors of EU countries reached an agreement connected with small free-visa travel with Kaliningrad region which will include a part of Pomorze, Warmia, Mazury. The diplomatic source delivered those information to the PAP.”
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The European Commission urges Poland because of blue cards for immigrants from non EU countries (27 October 2011)
“The European Commission urged Poland and five other EU’s countries on Thursday to implement EU’s Directive connected with blue cards. It is very important for highly qualified workers from non EU countries. They will be able to take a job in an easier way in EU’s countries because of those card.”
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Straż Graniczna www.strazgraniczna.pl

Detained because of illegal staying in Poland (11 October 2011)
“1On the 10th of October officers from Facility in Zielona Góra-Babimost (Nadodrzański) were inspected legality of staying foreigners on the stations in Zielona Góra. They detained four foreigners who were on the territory of Poland illegally.”
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Six citizens of Vietnam were detained (20 October 2011)
“On the 19th of October officers of Border Guards in Łódź were inspected oriental restaurants in Łódź, Sieradz, Zgierz and Bełchatów. Because of those inspection they detained six citizens of Vietnam whose were on the territory of Poland illegally.”
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They came back to the Ukraine (20 October 2011)
“On the 19th of October officers from Bieszczadzki Detachment of Border Guards transferred to the Ukraine back three citizens of Somalia who were detained on Monday.”
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Illegal immigrants detained in the Bieszczady (26 October 2011)
“Three citizens of Georgia and one citizen of Russia were detained in the 25/26 night of October by officers from Bieszczadzki Border Guard. They crossed Polish and Ukrainian border illegaly. A citizen of Russia tried to do it for the third time on illegal way.”
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