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A review of news from the Internet (May 2011)

[posted: 13.07.2011]

Summary of “what’s popping up in the Internet” for May 2011. We encourage you to read the full articles on the authors’ site.

GazetaPrawna.pl www.gazetaprawna.pl

Number of foreigners applying for refugee status is decreasing (2 May 2011)
” Last year less people applied for refugee status in Poland than in 2009. There were 3,500 applications, which included 6,500 people, that is 44% less than last year – according to data from the Office for Foreigners.”
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European Commission is considering restrictions on border crossing as a last resort (4 May 2011)
” European Commission is considering to allow other EU countries border controls inside Schengen, but only in unique circumstances, when the external EU borders are experiencing extraordinary invasion.”
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Poland makes it difficult for immigrants to study, employ and getting the citizenship (17 May 2011)
” A long way to get Polish citizenship; no possibilities participating in politics, labour market restrictions, education system unsuitable to the needs of foreigners – according to MIPEX rapport. These are just some of the problems that have to deal with immigrants in our country.”
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National Labour Inspectorate: Over 1000 illegal foreigners working in Poland (26 May 2011)
“>” National Labour Inspectorate discovered in 2010 over 1000 illegal foreigners working in Poland – Parliamentary Committee of State Control has been noticed. Deputy Jan Bury (PiS) considers these results to be the understatement and he wants to perform control in escort agencies.”
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Polish economy will not manage without immigrants (28 May 2011)
” Foreigners working over the Vistula are blessing, mostly for crafts which are most influenced by the fact that polish workers gone West. Without the immigrants we wouldn’t be able to keep up the economic development and increasing number of pensioner on retirement will be sentenced to hunger benefits. Although we should reconcile the fact that we are starting to be more ethnically diverse, but still we are so xenophobic.”
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1 of June – the launch of Holiday hotline for foreign tourists (30 May 2011)
“1 of June is the date of launching a hotline for foreign tourists 0 800 200 30 (free of charge – to handle calls from landlines) and +48 608 599 999 (- supports connections to mobile networks) Hotline will be open until September the 30th. “
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Straż Graniczna www.strazgraniczna.pl

4 Lebanese citizen arrested (06 May 2011)
“5 May, officers from the Border Guard facility in Olsztyn has arrested 4 Lebanese citizens that didn’t have right of residence in Poland.”
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Five illegal immigrants stopped from crossing the border (9 May 2011)
May 7th nearby Grąziowa (10km from state border) officers from the Border Guard facilities in Wojtkowa I Kościernik (Bieszczadzki OSG) stopped 5 citizens from Afganistan who crossed the border from Ukraine to Poland”7 Maya, w rejonie miejscowości Grąziowa (10 km od granicy państwa), funkcjonariusze z Placówek Straży Granicznej w Wojtkowej i Krościenku (Bieszczadzki OSG) zatrzymali 5 obywateli Afganistanu, którzy pieszo przekroczyli granicę z Ukrainy do Polski.”
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7 Ukrainian citizens worked against the rules (7 May 2011)
“10 May, officers from the Border Guard facility in Opole (Śląski OSG) stopped 7 Ukrainian citizens who because of their employees were hired against the rules.”
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15 foreigners stopped (11 May 2011)
“May 10th, officers from the Nadwiślański and Bieszczadzki division of the Border Guard, as the result of the legality of residence control in three Mazovia cities stopped 15 foreigners staying illegally in Poland.”
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Illegal immigrants in mobile refrigerator filled with strawberries (16 May 2011)
” The night of 13th May the officers from Silesian Border Guard establishment in Racibor in associacion with local police department in Tychy stopped 4 foreigners who illegally got through Polish border in a semi truck trailer from Greece.”
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Stopped for illegal work (26 May 2011)
“May 25 officers from Border Guard establishment in Zgorzelec (Nadodrzeański OSG) stopped 5 Ukrainian citizens based on the attempt of getting a job in one of construction company in Zgorzelec. Foreigner s worked there illegally.”
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Stopped for attempted bribe (27 May 2011)
” May 26 at the road crossing in Medyka (Bieszczadzki OSG) entering Poland, officers from Border Guard establishment stopped the citizen of Ukraine who tried to give a bribe.”
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