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A review of news from the Internet (June 2012)

[posted: 21.08.2012]

Presented below is an extract of information from selected websites. We encourage you to read the full texts of articles on the their authors’ websites. The original articles are written in Polish. The translation for the articles was done as part of Katika Expat Assistance activities.

GazetaPrawna.pl www.gazetaprawna.pl

A foreigner with a valid visa still will be able to clean our windows illegaly (4 June 2012)
“There is no day without calls and e-mails to District of Labour Inspectorate in Szczecin from person who hire foreigners. They ask: “If I will hire Ukrainian for cleaning or Belorussian for picking raspberries I can go to jail and pay 10 thous. zlotych fine?” Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

Employers do not respect contracts with foreigners more often (6 June 2012)
“Companies owners less and less hire foreigners to work who do not have right to be in Poland but often do not respect concluded with foreigners contracts – according to the report of the National Labour Inspectorate for 2011”
Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

The rules on the employment of specialists from non EU’s country will be dead. Not so many foreigners will choose Poland (12 June 2012)
“From today there will be a possibility to hire specialist form non EU’s country by polish entrepreneur. According to prof. Krystyna Iglicka from Łazarski School new rules will be dead because not so many people will chose Poland. Dr Maciej Duszczyk from Warsaw Uniwersity thinks in the same way” Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

Foreigners will save our labour market. We have to encourage them to come (14 June 2012)
“We need immigrants.It is not a problem that more than 12% of people in Poland are unemployed. Not for a long time polish people will be getting older and older and it will be not enough people to work. It will be a need to work for penision by foreigners”
Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

Border Guard www.strazgraniczna.pl

5 citizens of Georgia were detained on the border (8 June 2012)
“On the 8th of June officers from the Border Guard in Mielnik (Podlaski Border Guard) detained 5 citizens of Georgia who were crossed the border near Koterka illegaly”
Read more at the Border Guard >>

It is impossible to cross the border without documents (9 June 2012)
“On the 9th of June officers from the Border Guard did not allow to enter to Poland 11 cars with 28 foreigners who did not have recquired documents”
Read more at the Border Guard >>

Sentences for fictitious employment of foreigners (11 June 2012)
“Next 3 persons were convicted in connection of fictitious employment of foreigners in a few districts of the Mazovian Voivodeship. It was organised by 2 citizens of the Ukraine. One of them was convicted, the second one is wanted by “wanted notice””
Read more at the Border Guard >>

Tourists of abolition were detained (21 June 2012)
“Officers of Silesian Border Guard detained 3 foriegners: 2 citizens of Pakistan and one citizen of Bangladesh who had came to Poland to use the abolition illegaly. An abolition is from the 1st of January till the 2nd of July 2012”
Read more at the Border Guard >>

6 foreigners were detained (22 June 2012)
“Officers of Border Guard in Bobrowniki detained near Świsłoczany 6 foreigners who had came from Belarus to Poland illegaly. It was possible because of information from people who live near the border”
Read more at the Border Guard >>

6 foreigners were detained (25 June 2012)
“Officers of Sudecki Border Guard during the inspection of legality of staying and working by foreigners, detained on the territory of Lower Silesia (in kłodzki, wrocławski, legnicki, jaworski districts)6 citizens of the Ukraine. All of them must to leave Poland”
Read more at the Border Guard >>

7 foreigners were detained (28 June 2012)
“On the 28th of June, near Bohatery Leśne village, officers of Border Guard in Lipsko detained 7 foreigners who had came to Poland illegaly by green border”
Read more at the Border Guard >>

8 foreigners were detained (29 June 2012)
“Officers of Silesian and Sudeten Border Guard, during controls on rails and road routes detained 7 foreigners who had violate the law because they were in Poland illegaly and one citizen of Slovakia wanted by polish law enforcement”
Read more at the Border Guard >>

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