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A review of news from the Internet (January 2012)

[posted: 07.03.2012]

Presented below is an extract of information from selected websites. We encourage you to read the full texts of articles on the their authors’ websites. The original articles are written in Polish. The translation for the articles was done as part of Katika Expat Assistance activities.

GazetaPrawna.pl www.gazetaprawna.pl

Nigerians paid 5 thousand euros for ficticious marriage with Polish women (3 January 2012)
“Nigerians paid 5 thousand euros for ficticious marriage with Polish women and it was a reason that they could stay in Poland. It was a good business for women because they got most of this amount. Katowice prosecutor’s office has completed their investigation.The indictment includes 31 people” Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

441 applications for abolition were subbmited in Poland, the most off all from Ukrainians (6 January 2012)
“75% from 441 applicationf for the legalization of residence registered from 1st of January were from Mazovia region. In Warsaw the most of applications were subbmited by Ukrainians and Vietnamese”
Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

The employer will check if working with him foreigner is staying in Poland legally (12 January 2012)
“At the end of January will be held the first reading of the draft law “on the effects of delegating work to foreigners resident in violation of the Polish territory,” prepared by the Ministry of Labour.Expert’s objection is connected with necessity of checking foreigner’s documents by the employer” Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

Foreigners illegaly in every tenth company (24 January 2012)
“Foreignes receive lower salaries that those specified in a work permit – alerts “Business Pulse”on the basis of a work inspection report. More than a half of controlled companies has violated law during employ foreigners – as a result of control of the Labor Inspection for the period of time from the 1st January till 30 November 2011”
Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

Legalization of staying in Poland for foreigners – more than 2 100 applications of the abolition (25 January 2012)
“From the begin of the year 2138 foreigners submitted an applications for legalization their staying in Poland. It is more than in 2007 – informed the boss of The Office for Foreigners in Lódź Rafał Rogala” Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

Border Guard www.strazgraniczna.pl

Detained for working without a work permit (19 January 2012)
“Officers from the Carpathian Branch of Border Guard detained 4 citizens of the Ukraine . It is result of controlling legality employment of foreigners”
Read more at the Border Guard >>

Foreigners in oranges (30 January 2012)
“Officers from Border Guard in Bydgoszcz (Nadwiślański OSG) detained six foreigners who had came to Poland illegally. They were hiding in a refrigerator truck with oranges travelling from Greece”
Read more at the Border Guard >>