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A review of news from the Internet (January 2011)

[posted: 20.02.2011]

Summary of “what’s popping up in the Internet” for January 2011. We encourage you to read the full articles on the authors’ site.

GazetaPrawna.pl www.gazetaprawna.pl

Companies employing foreigners can expect severe penalties (10 January 2011)
“Employers who employ foreigners from the East will be punished more severely in an event of braking the law or not fulfilling commitments which they took upon themselves.”
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A foreigner must present a residence card (14 January 2011)
“Foreigners who live in Poland, can register a permanent or temporary residence. To accomplish this, they must complete an application form and present a document confirming his/her right to stay at the municipality office.”
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Polish visa for Belarusians are not completely free of charge (19 January 2011)
“The abolition of fees applies only to those citizens of Belarus, who intend to reside in Poland for more than 90 days – students, people taking up employment in Poland – and the holders of the Polish Charter.”
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Protest against the deportation of a Mongolian family from Poland. The Polish Ombudsman will investigate the case (21 January 2011)
“The Polish Ombudsman will investigate the case of the decision to deport the Mongolian Batdavaa family from Poland. The family, despite the fact that they have been living 12 years in our country, have not legalized their stay. MEP Boguslaw Sonik and friends of the family also intervene in this matter.”
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The Senate wants to end the repatriation action in 2012 (21 January 2011)
“Encouraging young, educated people to obtain the status of repatriates and improve financial assistance to municipalities inviting them are the main changes to the bill of repatriation.”
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6 ways to meet the residence registration obligation (24 January 2011)
“From 1 January 2011, the procedure for reporting data required to register and unregister residence has changed. Applications under the new forms are submitted at the office dealing with the census. The registration confirms the fact of staying in place at a specific address and is a registration activity.”
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The Mongolian family left the center for foreigners and came back home (9 February 2011)
“The Mongolian Batdavaa family left on Wednesday before noon, the center for foreigners of the Border Guards in Przemysl – said Anna Michalska from the Bieszczady Border Guard Department.”
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Border Guard www.strazgraniczna.pl

They traveled under swindled visas (7 January 2011)
“Officers from the Odra River Border Guard detained four citizens of Ukraine who entered and stayed in Poland based on swindled visas.”
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Changes at the Chopin Airport (14 January 2011)
“From 15 January, the Border Guard will not conduct security checks of passengers in domestic flights at the Chopin Airport. The security checks will be conducted by the Airport Security.”
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Attempt of illegal border crossing (17 January 2011)
“On January 15, officers from the Border Guard facility in Szczecin (Nadodrzanski BGD) detained eight Russian citizens of Chechen origin, who tried to illegally cross the Polish-German border.”
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