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A review of news from the Internet (February 2011)

[posted: 01.04.2011]

Summary of “what’s popping up in the Internet” for February 2011. We encourage you to read the full articles on the authors’ site.

GazetaPrawna.pl www.gazetaprawna.pl

Mongolian family left the resort for foreigners, and back home (9 February 2011)
“Batdavaa Mongolian family left on Wednesday morning the resort for foreigners in Przemysl Border Guard – Anna Michalska informed from the Bieszczady Border Guard.”
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Community update data in the collection of the registration (23 February 2011)
“Records of the population is operated by municipalities, provincial governors and the Minister of Internal Affairs. Municipal authorities update the data contained in the municipal collection of registration.”
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Will NIP disappear for individuals who not engaged activity (23 February 2011)
“At the last meeting of the Council of Ministers government adopted a draft law to eliminate the obligation to obtain a tax ID number (NIP) by some individuals. The proposed solution to relieve such persons obliged to use in dealing with the public several IDs. Is the tax number for these people disappear from circulation in general?”
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A citizen of the European Union will not pay for a residence card (24 February 2011)
“Citizens of the European Union will not have to pay for the Polish residence card. Death of parent, who is citizen of a Member State, will not mean the end of the students stay in our country’s children”
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EU citizens will receive a residence permit free (25 February 2011)
“Waiver of fees for issuing residence permits EU citizens and the possibility of shortening the deadline for expulsion of an alien provides the amendment of the Act, of entering Polish territory of EU citizens.”
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Deprivation of illegal immigrants’ rights to health care – unconstitutional (28 February 2011)
“Illegal immigrants in Poland can count on free medical assistance or nurses only in a situation to save lives; This glaring contradiction with the constitution – said Association for Legal Intervention.”
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Border Guard www.strazgraniczna.pl

5 foreigners breached of legislation (1 February 2011)
“January 31th officers of the Silesian Border Guard detained four citizens of Ukraine, who tried to enter the Polish on the basis of visas and a Turkish citizen, who stayed in Poland illegally.”
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14 people heard the allegations (4 February 2011)
“Officers from the Border Guard facility in Zywiec (Carpathian OSG) lasting from the year ended investigation against five citizens of Nigeria and nine citizens of Poland who facilitate the conclusion of fictitious marriages between citizens of Nigeria and Polish.”
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Border Guard smashed the gang of documents counterfeiters (4 February 2011)
“February 3rd Border Guard officers smashed a gang involved in forging documents. Detained 18 people, eliminated the illegal printing, secured by equipment used in the process of counterfeiting and forged documents and official seals.”
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Illegally resided in Poland (17 February 2011)
“16 February officers of the Border Guard Nadwiślańskie as result of reviewing the legality of residence in Wólka Kosowska (area of Piaseczno) detained 15 foreigners: 12 Vietnamese citizens, and three Chinese citizens”
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Three foreigners working illegally (23 February 2011)
“Officers from the Silesian Border Guard during the audit and the work entrusted by the aliens detained two citizens of India and a citizen of Ukraine”
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