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A review of news from the Internet (December 2012)

[posted: 05.12.2012]

Presented below is an extract of information from selected websites. We encourage you to read the full texts of articles on the their authors’ websites. The original articles are written in Polish. The translation for the articles was done as part of Katika Expat Assistance activities.

Mazowiecki Urząd Wojewódzki www.mazowieckie.pl

Mazovian province: a citizenship for 65 foreigners (4 December 2012)
“65 person (13 youth people) got form the voivode Jacek Kozłowski confirmations about giving a polish citizenship by the President of Poland. From the beginning of 2012 on Mazovian province, a polish citizenship got 368 foreigners. During that time 283 applications were submitted” Read more at MUW >>

The Ambassador of Cuba were visiting in Voivode (12 December 2012)
“The Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba Juan Castro Dagoberto Martinez were visiting to vice voivode Dariusz Piątka with a courtesy visit. During the meeting they were talking for example: about cooperation connected to exchange youth people, development of polish tourism in Cuba and about the Cuban week organized in 2013” Read more at MUW >>

Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnętrznych www.msw.gov.pl

Since 2013 more facilities for citizens in report matters (6 December 2012)
“From the beginning of 2013 some of regulations concerned report matters will be abolished” ead more at msw.gov.pl >>

Changes in passport rules – we can pick up a passport in any department of passports (12 December 2012)
“It is a possibility to submit an application for a passport or for a temporary passport in any department of passports in Poland, regardless of place of residence and abroad, as previously, in the consulate. The law from the 16th of November 2012 about changes a law about passport’s documents is waiting for a publications in a register. The law is written by the President of Poland. All of changes will be in use 30 days after publication in a register” Read more at msw.gov.pl >>

Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych www.msz.gov.pl

Changes on the map of diplomatic and consular Poland presence in the world (11 December 2012)
“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a decision about liquidation the General Consulate of Poland in Lille and the General Consulate in Malmo and about changing a location the Consulate from Los Angeles to San Francisco and from Vancouver to Edmonton. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs planned to open representations in new places in the world, especially in Asia” Read more at msz.gov.pl >>

Dutch positively about Poles (13 December 2012)
“Most of Dutch people willing to make friends with Poles, cooperate with them or have Poles like a neighbors – Dutch public opinion research shows, ordered by Ministry of Foreign Affairs” Read more at msz.gov.pl >>

Międzynarodowa Organizacja ds. Migracji www.iom.pl

Szkolenie dla przedstawicieli organizacji pozarządowych pt. “Przeciwdziałanie dyskryminacji migrantów na rynku pracy w Polsce” (7 grudzień 2012)
“Międzynarodowa Organizacja do spraw Migracji (IOM) serdecznie zaprasza przedstawicieli organizacji migranckich oraz organizacji pozarządowych na szkolenie pt. „Przeciwdziałanie dyskryminacji migrantów na rynku pracy w Polsce”. W trakcie szkolenia omówione zostanie również zjawisko handlu ludźmi do pracy przymusowej” Czytaj więcej na stronie iom.pl >>

Gazeta Wyborcza www.wyborcza.pl

A control in centers for foreigners were sued to the Constitutional Court (6 December 2012)
“The Ombudsman sued the Constitutional Court rules concerned so called personal control in centers for foreigners” Read more at wyborcza.pl >>

The Qatar Airways reached to Poland. Flights to Dauha 4 times in week (6 December 2012)
” The best airline in the world launched on December 5 direct flights from Warsaw to Dauha. More than 140 seats are waiting for passengers and in all of seat are interactive entertainment system and a possibility of sending and receiving SMS and e-mail “ Read more at wyborcza.pl >>

Will Russians come to Krupówki? (7 December 2012)
” Owners of private quarters in the Tatra Mountains worry that this winter less tourists from the East will come. It is a reason of new rules concerned issuing invitations “ Read more at wyborcza.pl >>

Professions opening – fights in the Seym (9 December 2012)
” On Monday and Tuesday will be public hearing in case of opening some of professions. Will their representatives convince deputies? “ Read more at wyborcza.pl >>

The officer of border guard is responsible for a calling to a hatred (13 December 2012)
“A group of aggressive parasites”, “scum”, “lazy Caucasus” – the officer of border guard was written about refuges. His trial started in Białystok “ Read more at wyborcza.pl >>

Between a wreck and a business with Russia (17 December 2012)
Last year Russia became the second partner of Poland. An export was increased about 16% and an import about 10%. It is very important information. Who knows if it not more important than returning a wreck of Tu-154? Read more at wyborcza.pl >>

A thirteenth airport take passengers. In Lublin. (18 December 2012)
A window for the world, an economic magnet, an impulse for a region – said yesterday about the airport in Lublin. It is the first airport built from the beginning after the war Read more at wyborcza.pl >>

A Chinese community in Warsaw. A ticking time bomb? (20 December 2012)
In 2012 nearly a half work offer in Piaseczno district required a knowledge of chinese or Vietnamese language. It is because of existing a shopping centre in Wólka Kosowska next to Piaseczno. It have been studied by sociologists, is it a cultural melting pot or a ticking time bomb? Read more at wyborcza.pl >>

GazetaPrawna.pl www.gazetaprawna.pl

Immigrants will share polish poverty (3 December 2012)
” Only 300thus. immigrants live in Poland so it is only 1% of polish population and it is the 32 position in OECD countries – it is the latest report of organization and it confirms that foreigners who live in Poland have worse living conditions that in other OECD countries “ Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

Ombudsman appealed to the Constitutional Court personal control rules of foreigners (6 December 2012)
” Ombudsman appealed to the Constitutional Court regulations concerns personal control of foreigners in arrests or in guarded centers. By the Ombudsman the law did not authorize for regulation it in regulations “ Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

It will be easier to detain foreigners in closed centers (11 December 2012)
” Social organizations criticizing a draft of new foreigners law prepared by Ministry of Internal Affairs “ Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

25 thus. foreigners learn on polish universities. It is not enough (13 December 2012)
” In the academic year 2011/2012 on the Polish universities were studied 24.3 thousand. foreigners. It was about 13% more than in the previous year and almost three times more than eight years ago, in the year 2004/2005 – according to calculations made by DGP based on GUS data” Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

Foreigners complain about the tax law in Poland (31 December 2012)
” The latest statement of Ministry of Labor and Social Policy shows that foreigners more often want to work in Poland. In the first semester of 2012, 20 066 work permits were issued by voivodes. In analogous periods in 2011 there were issued 19 024 work permits and 2010 – 15 839 Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

Border Guard www.strazgraniczna.pl

A conference on “Migrants’ rights in practice” (6 December 2012)
” Facilitations of the integration of migrants on the Polish labor market, prevention to violations of the rights of workers and forced labor were discussed by participants of a conference “The rights of migrants in practice”, which took place on 4-5 December in Warsaw” Read more at the Border Guard >>

An usual visit in the centre for foreigners (7 December 2012)
” An usual guest came to the Guarded Centre for Foreigners on the 6th of December in Przemyśl. Santa Claus met with children who live in the Guarded Centre” Read more at stronie Straży Granicznej >>

A Santa’s Claus team made a task (7 December 2012)
” A delegation from the Centre of Specialized Training in Luban came to the Branch of University Children’s Hospital in Krakow on the 5th of December. A festival was connected with a special task which have been given to adult by children and youth” Read more at the Border Guard >>

A control of legality of stay in Wólka Kosowska (7 December 2012)
” More than 30 people were identified, 4 person were detained – it is an effect of a control of legality of stay which took place on the 6th of December in a shopping centre in Wólka Kosowska by officers from Nadwiślański Border Guard” Read more at the Border Guard >>

A multicultural day in Lesznowola (10 December 2012)
” On the 7th of December in a Guarded centre for foreigners in Lesznowola, there was a concert for foreigners who are trying to legalize their stay in Poland” Read more at the Border Guard >>

They had swindled visas (13 December 2012)
” On the 12nd of December officers form Nadostrzański Border Guard detained 5 foreigners – 3 citizens of the Ukraine and 2 citizens of Belarus. 4 of them had visas obtained on illegal way” Read more at the Border Guard >>

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