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A review of news from the Internet (December 2011)

[posted: 07.03.2012]

Presented below is an extract of information from selected websites. We encourage you to read the full texts of articles on the their authors’ websites. The original articles are written in Polish. The translation for the articles was done as part of Katika Expat Assistance activities.

GazetaPrawna.pl www.gazetaprawna.pl

Many spots will encourage foreigners to legalize their staying in Poland (8 December 2011)
“Three spots which will encourage foreigners to legalize their staying in Poland were prepared by the Office for Foreigners. The purpose of this films is to pay attention Poles connected with this problem, as well.” Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

An entrepreneur who employs foreigners illegaly will go to the jail (20 December 2011)
“The government adopted a draft of law on the effects of delegating work to foreigners residing on the territory of Poland with violation of the Polish law. Companies which employ non-EU citizens without the right to staying on the territory of Poland, may be punished by financial penalty or administrative sanctions. A person who does not have a right to staying in Poland does not have a visa or whose visa expired but is still in Poland.”
Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

Be legally – amnesty for foreigners (27 December 2011)
“From the 1st of January 2012 will be in force an abolition for forieigners who are illegaly on the territory of Poland. The legalization of staying will be able for people who have been in Poland constantly from the 20th of December 2007 or those who have been refused refugee status.The application for legalization of staying must be submited till the end of June 2012” Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

Border Guard www.strazgraniczna.pl

7 citizens of Georgia were detained (19 December 2011)
“On the 17th of December Officers from Border Guard in Laszczów and in Chłopiatyn (Nadburzański Border Guard) detained 7 citizens of Georgia in the age about 30 years old who had crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border illegaly”
Read more at the Border Guard >>

The interrupted journey (30 December 2011)
“Officers of the local Border Guard in Augustów (Podlaski Border Guard)detained 4 citizens of Georgia who were illegaly on the territory of Poland. They were travelling by night bus from Vilnius to Warsaw”
Read more at the Border Guard >>

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