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A review of news from the Internet (December 2010)

[posted: 27.01.2011]

Summary of “what’s popping up in the Internet” for December 2010. We encourage you to read the full articles on the authors’ site.

GazetaPrawna.pl www.gazetaprawna.pl

Expenditure on employment foreigner will be tax cost (14 December 2010)
“Taxpayer who incur expenditure associated with hiring the foreigner, he can allocate them to the deductible expenses. Taxpayer dealt with business whose purpose is study foreign languages, babysitting and leading non-public kindergarten.”
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Citizen will have access to his data in PESEL register (17 December 2010)
“PESEL register will be basic register accumulating data associated with person’s identity. This data will be directly introduce registration for the specific event office i.e. managers of registry office, voivods and consul and also structures of community issuing identity card. This register will be higher than other central registry”
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The right for foreigners: government abolish the registration and residence card fee (23 December 2010)
“Abolish for the foreigners fee for issuing the certificate register residence and register card also residence law regulation’s in Poland citizen of UE children study in Poland – provides the draft amendment of the law, accepted by the government on Thursday.”
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Visa of the foreigner is valid in Poland for 3 months (28 December 2010)
“Foreigner who is listed in the information system Shengen, will not receive national visa. Minimal time of valid national visa authorizing to entry also single or more consecutive stays on the territory of Poland, is 3 months. This changes introduces amendment to the law about foreigners, that today entered into force”
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From 1 January the visa to Poland for the citizen of Belarus will be free (29 December 2010)
“From 1 January the visa to Poland for the citizen of Belarus will be free- reported spokesman of MSZ Marcin Bosacki. Also announced at the same time, that Poland is reserves the right to not allowing to entrée to the territory of Poland representatives of government on Belarus that are participate of repression against the opposition.”
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Government against new ways of repatriation (30 December 2010)
“There is no clear criteria about getting Polish nationality and possibility of abuse new rules by the citizens of other countries – this stricture to the new law about repatriation reported Ministers.”
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Border Guard www.strazgraniczna.pl

8th foreigners were stopped (13 December 2010 r.)
“12th of December officers from the department of Podlaskie Border Guard stopped 8th foreigners who came illegal to Poland. “
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Stopped at the time crossing a board (20 December 2010 r.)
“19th of December officers from the Board Guard in Świeck (Nadodrzański OSG) stopped 8th citizens of Russia nationality of Chechnya, who were trying to cross the Polish-German board without documents.”
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Effect of Polish-German cooperation (21 December 2010 r.)
“20th of December thanks to the information’s postal by the officers from the Board Guard in Szczecin (Nadodrzański OSG), German federal police stopped 4 citizen of Russia nationality of Chechnya, who illegally cross the Polish-German board.”
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Six citizens of Vietnam were stopped (22 December 2010 r.)
“21st of December officers faculty of foreigners Board Guard Nadwiśla and police from Piaseczno as a result of control of legality foreigners stays, near Warsaw in community Tarczyn in privet property six citizens of Vietnam were stopped.”
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Stolen residence title (27 December 2010 r.)
“At the second day of Christmas officers of the Board Guard from Warsow-Okęcie stopped foreigner who was trying to crass the board using the stolen residence title.”
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Unsuccessful attempt of corruption (30 December 2010 r.)
“In road border crossing Hrebennem (Nadbużański OSG), in the away direction from RP, 32 years old citizen of Ukraine was trying to give to the officer Board Guard 20 Euro in return of speed up their duties”
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