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Statements of intention to assining work to a foreigner

The statement of the intention to delegate work to a foreigner  is a chosen form of  employment legalization for people from Belarus, the Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Georgia. The statement enables to work in Poland during 6 months in one year. After this period of time it will take place so-called “a corridor” during which if a foreigner wants to work in Poland should apply for a work permit from the Voivide.

The consul will issue a national D-05 visa on the basis of the statement of the intention to delegate work to a foreigner. A foreigner have to sign a contract of employment complies with the statement conditions after coming to Poland.  As a work permit, the statement is issued for particular foreigner and for particular employer and if employment conditions will change it is obligation to obtain new statement immediately.

A statement is so-called “an invitation” but it is not a tourist invitation so if a foreigner will not a take a job after coming to Poland it may cause many problems in the future with obtaining the next visa.

  • Do you know that the statement of the intention to delegate work to a foreigner is issued regard to intention to work in Poland and it is not so-called “a tourist invitation”
  • Do you know that if you will come to Poland with D-05 visa and you will not take a legal job you can have problems with obtain a residence card in the future?
  • Do you know if you work in Poland legally and  you have a residence card, you can take a job on the basis of a statement in another employer in particular cases?
  • Do you know that if you will be working at least 3 months  on the basis of the statement you can apply for a work permit to the same employer without so-called labor market and you can reduce the time of waiting for a work permit for about 1 month?

Registration of the statement in the Labor Office takes 1 day and it is easy but if you need a help, come to our office!

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