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Legal notice

This legal notice regulates the use of www.katika.pl website hereinafter referred to as [the “Website”] owned by Katika Expat Assistance. Using the Website in any way is equal to agreeing with the following terms and conditions, hereinafter referred to as [“Regulations”].


Company Information:
1. Katika Expat Assistance, based in Warsaw (00-695 Warszawa) Nowogrodzka St. 56/24, hereinafter referred to as [“Katika”] is a company acting on the Entry into the Business Register under the number 476802, within limits imposed by the provisions of applicable law and applying the principles of professional ethics.
2. The main scope of business of Katika, according to the PKD (Polish Business Clasyfication) of 2007, are services related to office administrative services (PKD 82.11.Z), photocopying, documents preparation and other specialized office support activities (PKD 82.19.Z) and other services in the area of information, not classified elsewhere (PKD 63.99.Z).

Intellectual Property Rights:
3. The contents of this Website, including all text materials, photos and graphics with their layout on the [“Information”] page is owned by Katika or third parties from whom Katika previously obtained consent to include them on the Website and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws, including trademarks protection rights.
4. Any action contrary to the provisions of existing law, violation of protection of intellectual property is prohibited, except for the written consent of the owner of the Website. In particular, it is prohibited to copy, reproduce, use, in whole or part of the information and materials contained on the Website.

5. Katika takes utmost care to ensure all information contained on the Website are complete and up to date, however, Katika stipulates that it bears no responsibility for information provided on the Website, nor for any damage resulting from the use of information presented on the Website.
6. The contents of the Website is for informational purposes only. Information and prices quoted do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. To find out about the current offer of the company you should inquire directly to Katika. The information contained on the Website, including articles written by Katika and third parties are informative and do not constitute for consultations, advice or recommendations. Katika is not responsible for the content of the articles referred to above.
7. Katika is not responsible for the security policy and content of external websites [‘links’], owned by third parties.
8. Katika reserves the right to modify any information on the Website, as well as modify these Regulations at any time by updating the content on this page without prior notification to the users of the Website.
9. It is prohibited, without the prior consent of owner of the Website to use it to send offers and advertisements about goods and services.
10. Katika is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, primary or secondary, and especially damages caused by the user of this Website resulting from the access to the Website or form it’s use. Katika is not responsible for actions and decisions taken by the user on the basis of information provided on the Website.

Protection of personal data:
11. Each user of the Website, which, through the contact form, voluntarily and knowingly provides personal information certifies that they are true.
12. Each time users share their personal data, which is understood as filling the contact form, it equals with giving consent for processing of their personal data provided in the above form.
13. The processing of personal data is only done for the proper functioning of the contact form, including direct marketing of Katika services.
14. Any personal information provided by users shall be treated as confidential and will be subjected to the security policy of Katika. Data provided by users will be processed in accordance with applicable law in this regard.
15. Katika declares that anyone who provided his / her personal data is entitled to view, change and remove them at their request.
116. Katika declares that the personal data provided via the contact form on the Website will not be passed to third parties without the prior consent of the user that data belongs to.

In case of questions, comments, or remarks regarding the Website, please contact:
Katika Expat Assistance
Nowogrodzka 56/24 St.
00-695 Warsaw
tel. (22) 629 30 60