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The exams in polish as a foreign language

In connection with that more often there is a necessity to document a knowledge of polish language, especially because of new law in polish citizenship matters, there are some information about an exam below. We encourage to visit www.certyfikatpolski.pl a website where you can find particular information about records for an exam, terms of exams and requirements. There are full versions of sample exams on a website.

The exams in polish as a foreign language took place for the first time in Poland and in other country in 2004. The National Commission for the Certification of Knowledge in Polish carry out exams as a Foreign Language at least 3 times per year.

The exams in polish as a foreign language have a task to document a level of polish language knowledge on one of chosen level: 1) B1 – basic level, 2) B2 – intermediate level, 3) C2 – advanced. It is a possibility for foreigners who for example: are working or studying in Poland and for people who try to get a polish citizenship (because it is required to have a certificate of knowledge polish as a foreign language on the basis level – B1). If somebody will pass the exam it lets for example to get additional points in process when somebody wants to study in Poland, as well or get additional points (in some country) during the Matura exam.

It is a trump card for foreigners who want to take a job in Poland. More often such as this certificate is required in some jobs for example: in health service and in civil service.

A knowledge of polish language has positive effects for daily life in Poland, because it lets for communication process and interpersonal contacts. Obtaining a certificate of knowledge polish is an formal document which can be used in institutions in which it is required.




An exams consists of 2 parts:
1) written part – it is divided for 4 sections: listening, grammar, reading and writing. On all of levels the structure is the same but levels of tasks are different, of course.
2) oral part – it is composing own speech on given subject with using different text and graphic materials. It take place at the same time when a written part was or next day.


All of foreigners and citizens of Poland who live abroad can try to pass the exam. You can apply in one of three ways:
1) on-line: www.certyfikatpolski.pl
2) to send an application by fax: (+48) 22 826 28 23
3) to send an application by post, on the address below:

Sekretariat Państwowej Komisji Poświadczania
Znajomości Języka Polskiego jako Obcego
ul. Ogrodowa 28/30
00-896 Warszawa

All the necessary information can be obtained at the following telephone numbers:
(+48) 22 393 38 25 lub (+48) 22 393 38 49

[Fragments of sample exams are from www.certyfikatpolski.pl]