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In connection with the new law on foreigners, we advise to submit applications in advance.

[posted: 20.02.2011]

Following a number of questions concerning procedural visas in 2011, we encourage you to read the full information on the website of the Office for Foreigners. On January 3, 2011 the Office for Foreigners posted information regarding the visa changes introduced in 2011. For applications submitted within the time limit procedural visas valid through the waiting time for a final decision will no longer be issued. In return, the foreigner’s travel document will receive a special stamp confirming the submission of an application on time.
We would like you to pay special attention to two changes associated with it. As written at the Office for Foreigners website:

„Placing a stamp on the travel document of foreigner, on the basis of article 61 paragraph 2a and article 71a paragraph 2b of the Act of 13 June 2003 on foreigners, is not equivalent to a visa or a document authorizing a foreigner to stay on Polish territory or allowing to travel within territories of other Schengen countries. (…) An alien having the above-mentioned stamp in the travel document may leave Polish territory (traveling to a country, which he/she has a right of entry) but if it is subject to a visa requirement, should obtain a visa to enter and stay on Polish territory or a residence permit issued by another Schengen country, in order to re-enter Polish territory.”

This change is important for people who frequently travel abroad. In the case of protracted proceedings they will be able to leave the country, however, re-entry into Poland will require a visa.

On 28 December 2010 a law of 3 December 2010 came into power amending the Foreigners Act and certain other acts (Journal of Laws No. 239 item. 1593).

For more information, visit the Office for Foreigners website.

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