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A review of news from the Internet (October 2010)

[posted: 28.10.2010]

Presented below is an extract of information from selected websites. We encourage you to read the full texts of articles on the their authors’ websites. The original articles are written in Polish. The translation for the articles was done as part of Katika Expat Assistance activities.

GazetaPrawna.pl www.gazetaprawna.pl

The Parliament amended the Act on foreigners (29 October 2010)
“The Parliament amended the Act on foreigners, adapting the law to the regulation of the Council and the European Parliament. The amendment, among others, regulates the issues of visas extension and the procedure for consultation between the countries in case of refuse of entry.” Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

In 2011, a project of an amnesty for illegal immigrants (27 October 2010)
“The government project of amendments to the Act on foreigners, which provides, among others, amnesty for immigrants residing in Poland illegally, should get to the Parliament in mid-2011 – the head of the Office for Foreigners Rafał Rogala announced on Wednesday.” Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

The president signed an act abolishing the obligation to register residence from 2014 (14 October 2010)
“On Thursday president Bronislaw Komorowski signed an act on the population register, which removes the obligation registering residence from 1 January 2014. The act provides that on this date the scope of data collected in the PESEL (Universal Electronic System for Registration of the Population) register will change.” Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl>>

Illegal immigrants fight for abolition in ourcountry (4 October 2010)
“We ask for the right to a fair and dignified life” – the foreingers write an appeal to the Polish authorities. The vast majority of them works illegally. The budget this year is losing up to 4 billion PLN because of this. Yesterday at the Greetings Centre headquartes – an association of organizations working for foreigners – signatures were collected for a petition to the Polish authorities asking for abolition for the immigrants who stay illegally in our country.” Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl>>

Changes in residence registration obligations: registration by a proxy, unregistering by the Internet (23 September 2010)
“The obligation to temporary register a persion will rise after spending 30 days at a new location. Unregistering and informing about going abroad can be made via the Internet. You will not have to appear personally at the authorities office to meet with residence registration obligation. Residence registrations can be made by a proxy, and unregistering can be done electronically.” Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl>>

Foreigners from the East will be able to work without a permission (15 September 2010)
“Simplified procedure for the employment of, for example, Ukrainians is only valid until the end of the year. Its prolongation, however, is provided by a project of the regulation of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.” Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

Schengen visas valid for one year (13 September 2010)
“Issue or refusal to issue a national visa for a foreigner will be preceded by consultation with another country, which entered a given person to the system. Instead for five years, after the amendment of the Act, citizens for outside of the Schengen system will get them for a year.” Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

The Polish labour market needs of foreigners (6 September 2010)
“Enterprisers are for extending the duration of the simplifications in the procedure for hiring certain groups of foreigners. According to current rules the simplifications would not extend beyond December 31, 2010. Therefore, the National Chamber of Commerce welcomes the proposal of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs aimed at lifting restrictions on the duration of those simplifications.” Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

Issue of Schengen visas: The enclosed picture must be current (2 września 2010r.)
“As of today, the new application form for a national visa and visa extension of the Schengen or national visa becomes a valid one. The forms are annexed to the Regulation the Minister of Interior Affairs and Administration dated 28 July 2010, on visas for foreigners.” Read more at GazetaPrawna.pl >>

Nadwiślański Department of the Border Guard www.nadwislanski.strazgraniczna.pl

Vice President illegally in Poland (21 October 2010)
“Control of the legality of residence and employment of foreigners in Poland was conducted yesterday by officers of the Border Guard in one of the companies near Warsaw. The vice president will have to go home. “Read more at the Border Guard>>

Fake passport (11 October 2010)
“Last weekend, officers from the Border Guard from Warsaw-Okecie detained a citizen of Eritrea (East Africa), who tried to fly to Canada using false documents.” “Read more at the Border Guard>>

The Border Guard www.strazgraniczna.pl

Foreigners without documents ((20 October 2010)
“Officers of Nadwiślańska Border Guard Division, together with Customs officers and the Municipal Police officers, as a result of an inspection of the marketplace at. Bakalarski St. in Warsaw, detained five foreigners who did not have documents proving their legal residence in Poland.” Read more at the Border Guard website>>

Arrested for swindling a visa (8 October 2010)
“Investigation of the Border Guard has led to charges against another person who illegally legalized his stay in Poland, using the services of a naturalized Vietnamese – a state registered translater of Vietnamese.” Read more at the Border Guard website>>